The third day of KABADANG P.R.O.M.I.S.E Research Publication Mentoring training workshop, saw a series of insightful discussions and presentations on critical topics in the world of research publication.
Through the facilitation of Dr. Lichelyn Nasungan of the program flow, (Junior Research Mentor), the stage was set for a day filled with knowledge-sharing.
The third day commenced with yesterday’s accomplishments by Ms. Maria Rebecca B. Talledo.
The highlights of the third day included presentations and discussions by distinguished KABADANG Mentors:
Dr. Leah Abayao addressed the crucial issue of “Ethics in Research Publication.” Her talk emphasized the importance of maintaining ethical standards in scientific research and publishing.
Dr. Mark Preston Lopez delved into “Strengthening Research Literature and Related Studies.” His presentation shed light on strategies to enhance the quality and impact of academic publications.
Dr. Thelma Domingo-Palaoag introduced the audience to “Digital Research Toolkits.” Her insights provided valuable guidance on harnessing digital tools for more efficient and effective research.
After each topic presentation, an environment of open discussion that included Question-and-Answer was also involved. This allowed the mentees to raise their concerns in research publications which were provided with clarifications by the mentors.
The attendees left Day 3 with a deeper understanding of these critical aspects of research publication, setting the stage for more enlightening discussions in the days to come at KABADANG “P.R.O.M.I.S.E.”