Good day. In line with our pledge to sustain and strengthen the quality of service we provide to our clientele, we would like to request for your feedback on the level of satisfaction towards the services you have received from the CHEDRO-CAR.

Through your responses, we will be able to identify best practices and challenges encountered, propose recommendations to enhance existing operations, systems, and/or procedures in the new normal,  to ensure the quality of service that we provide. This survey can be answered in five to ten minutes. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


  1. Application for Certification, Authentication and Verification (C.A.V.) of Academic Records
  2. Application for Student Financial Assistance Programs (StuFAPs)
  3. Application for National Service Training Program (NSTP) Serial Numbers
  4. Application for Issuance of Special Order (SO)
  5. Application for Initial Permit (GP); Government Recognition (GR); Certificate of Program Compliance (COPC) for Undergraduate Programs
  6. Procedure in Processing Request for Curricula of Academic Programs, except those that are OPSD-Based and under the LEB
  7. Application for Renewal Permit to Operate Undergraduate Programs
  8. Application for Certification of Student Records and Other Relevant Documents
  9. Request for Endorsement of Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of New PHEIs to SEC
  10. Filing of Complaints, Appeals or Motions for Reconsideration
  11. Request for Payment of Financial Benefits for STUFAPs Grantees