Earlier today, Benguet State University successfully commenced its Annual Agency In-house Review of the Research and Development Programs, Projects, and Studies. This event holds great significance as it allows the insitution to closely monitor the progress of ongoing initiatives and seek valuable insights from esteemed evaluators to further enhance their quality.
In line with this, Dr. Jimmy Guisdan Catanes, an Education Supervisor II and the focal person for Research and Development at CHED-CAR, was cordially invited to serve as one of the Evaluators, specifically for the Science and Technology category. His expertise and experience make him an invaluable addition to the panel.
With the theme, “Propelling BSU’s Vision through Responsive and Innovative Research and Development Outcomes,” the Annual Agency In-house Review at Benguet State University has been meticulously planned to unfold over the course of three consecutive days. This signifies the University’s unwavering commitment to its overarching vision and mission, which are centered around the generation of research and development outcomes that are not only responsive to societal needs but also pioneering in their innovative approach.
Crucially, this dedication to research and development is not just a local endeavor; it resonates on a global scale. By aligning its initiatives with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), BSU is actively contributing to addressing some of the most pressing global challenges, including poverty eradication, environmental sustainability, and inclusive education, among others. This alignment with the SDGs underscores the University’s commitment to making a meaningful impact not only within its immediate community but also in the broader context of global progress.
Furthermore, this activity extends to the international stage, as it seeks recognition in the prestigious World University Rankings With Real Impact. This aspiration reflects BSU’s determination to be acknowledged as a leader in higher education, renowned for the tangible, real-world impact its research and development initiatives bring about. By actively participating in rigorous assessments and striving for a place on this global ranking platform, the University solidifies its dedication to advancing the frontiers of knowledge and actively contributing to global progress through education and research.